Cookies and Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and so take the required steps for your privacy protection. We never offer the customer’s details to the third parties or other companies. We always take reasonable steps to secure the confidential data of the customers. Like whenever you enter your payment details on our site for investment, we strive to keep it secure and confidential. Requisite steps are taken to protect your information and the payment processor details are used only for the process of payments and not for any marketing needs.

As the cookies help us to know you better and to provide you with better overall experience, our websites may utilize cookies. Cookies are very helpful for us to understand the points of interest of the visitors and to serve them better. The cookies do not track your information and so you should not be in any stress. The various HYIP Network websites also utilize cookies when you register, so that it is easier to store useful information and to remember you when you get back to us. But, if you are apprehensive and disable the cookies, then also you can access most of the HYIP Network websites easily.